Ideas for Trying Hanging Plants that are Unique and Creative

Ideas for Trying Hanging Plants that are Unique and Creative -- Arranging hanging plants in the home is very interesting because it can help to overcome the size of a small space as well as serve as a refreshing decoration. Hanging plants and come in a variety of adjustable planters.

You can combine the use of  hanging plants with the following creative home hanging plant ideas:



Planting on the room's wall


Starting creative art for decorating your home on the wall will make the room more perfect. With a horizontal arrangement and a clay planter, this planting will be unique. 

Build a planting station


When it comes to your newest plants, hanging plant station are a fun way to get creative. Use a used container, such as a plastic bottle, that can be hung in a single wall pillar.

Pocket gardening


This one-of-a-kind planting pocket will make organization a breeze. A pocket can only hold one type of plant. Arrange the pockets in a row, leaving enough space between them.

Grid wall hanging plants


This is the simplest method for you to use at home. Using a minimalist grid wall that matches the interior of the room, hanging plants and the like will look great.

Planter that hangs


This technique is commonly used to decorate a room with hanging plants and a vertical concept garden. The parallel planter with a strong hook will allow you to water the plants in the room without having to move them first.

Create a hammock


With a wooden hammock model like this, you can create a one-of-a-kind home garden hanging concept. This model, which also resembles a window, will be useful for more natural and not-too-tight decorations. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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