7 Best Galley Kitchen Design Ideas That Live Large

HSdesain.com -- The kitchen is used for more that just cooking. However, as architectural design evolves, the kitchen has become one of the best places to gather and converse with family or close friends.
The charming kitchen design will make you feel more at ease when you spend time there.
If you want to redesign or renovate your kitchen. We'll show you 7 best galley kitchen  design ideas for living large!

1.  Galley kitchen with wooden shelves


No matter how big the room you have, you can design the kitchen as well as possible. One way, you can use a functional wooden shelf. 

By using wooden shelves, you can store kitchen utensils neatly.

2. Kitchen with wooden table-top

There are many kitchen design references that you can use as inspiration. You can try to apply a single line kitchen with a wooden table-top. The wooden table-top has a unique and elegant look.
Especially if you combine it with a clean white interior.

3.  Space-saving wall cabinets

A neat and organized kitchen will make cooking activities run smoothly. Using wall cabinets can help you maximize storage while saving the available room capacity.

4.  Simple galley kitchen

Simplification provides maximum comfort. The galley kitchen design is designed simply with peaceful, calm colors.
The position of the sink is located on the side of the window, therefore, that the kitchen will remain dry and bright.

5.  Pure white galley kitchen

The all-white galley kitchen design offers a clean and spacious look. Suitable to be applied in a narrow room to look relieved.
Do not forget to add greenery as a sweetener and make the kitchen more lively.

6. Kitchen with greenery

Make the kitchen feel cool by adding refreshing greenery. You can put greenery decorations in the corner of the kitchen, that way the room will look lively and attractive.

7.  Kitchen with natural lighting


By maximizing natural lighting in a narrow room will help make the impression of a more spacious kitchen.
The kitchen is no exception. Windows in the kitchen allow the kitchen to get maximum illumination.
That's a review of 7 best galley kitchen design ideas that live large. Hopefully, the information above is useful.
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