7 Adorable Kid's Rooms Ideas You'll Wish They Were Yours

 HSdesain.com -- The children's bedroom is a room that is used for more that just rest and sleep. However, the children's room is a place for them to play, relax and learn.
Not surprisingly, it requires more attention when designing a more appealing children's room.
Especially, when combined with their favorite themes and items. 
We'll share 7 adorable kid's rooms ideas you'll wish were yours to help you get referrals!

1.  Kid's room with home headboard


There are interesting variances of children's bed designs that you can adjust to your tastes. The idea of the children's room above looks unique, with a headboard of the shape of the house. 

The headboard becomes the focal point of the space. You only need to combine with sleep eye decorations to beautify them.

2.  Neat child's room design

The key to designing a children's room is a neat and organized interior design. Especially if you have a small space. Of course, you have to be smart to maximize the available storage capacity.
For warm rooms, use calm pastel colors.

3. Using furniture that is multi functional

You don't have to worry about having a narrow room. You can arrange the child's room neatly for convenience
And, supported by, the use of multi functional furniture.
The bed is equipped with cabinet facilities at the bottom, you can try to apply to maximize storage.

4.  Scandinavian-style children's room

Scandinavian style interior design offers a friendly design and full of comfort. The room is filled with environmentally friendly materials such as wood.
To create a warmer and cozy children's room.

5.  Tropical style children's room

You can change the look of a plain wall with a refreshing tropical wallpaper. You can let the child's imagination grow.
The design of the children's bedroom above looks more lively with refreshing greenery decorations.

6.  Children's room pastel shades

Create a children's room full of warm atmosphere by using a pastel interior theme. The combination of soft colors provides maximum comfort. Especially if you combine it with other adorable decorations.

7. Teenage girls' room 


The design of the teenage girl's room is identical to the simpler design, and not much decoration is used. So that the appearance of the youth bedroom looks elegant and charming.

You can position the study desk in the corner of the room, that way the interior will look neater.

Those are 7 adorable kid's rooms ideas you'll wish they were yours. We hope you like it.

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