Famous Bohemian Decor Ideas to Warm Up Your Space

HSDesain.com --  We all already know that Bohemian-style houses are trending and popular designs. Bohemian houses have a free design style with unique color and pattern combinations. It's no surprise many people fell in love with Bohemian-style homes
Are you looking for the comfort of a Bohemian interior? We'll show you some Famous Bohemian decor ideas to warm up your space! Let's take a look!

 Combine Bohemian-style decor

The main key to creating a Bohemian interior is to combine unique decorations patterns. Like the design of the straight staircase connecting the second floor space, it is designed with pure white shades

What's interesting is that the owner combines with rustic carpets to facilitate access to the top.

Some other unique decorations such as rattan wall decorations and others can also be combined to highlight the Bohemian style.


Using Bohemian Carpets

A simple way to design a Bohemian-style living room is to use contrasting patterns. By using a layer of fabric, such as motif fur carpet, you can try to apply.
Don't forget to combine it with a blanket and cushion for a more cozy living room atmosphere.

 Bedroom with Bohemian decors


Actually, decorating a Bohemian-style bedroom is not difficult, you can use the creativity that you have.

Using a pillowcase with tassels on the edges offers a stunning look.

Natural lighting is a characteristic of homey Bohemian homes.

Refreshing plant decorations

Bohemian style interior design will look more lively with the presence of plants in the room. Not only beautifying the appearance of the room, plants also bring a refreshing cool atmosphere and improve air quaility.
You just need to put the plant in every corner of the room.

Bohemian style children's bedroom


Another room that looks charming with Bohemian-style rustic decorations is the kid's room. The child's bedroom uses a zoo theme that looks attractive.

There are many images of animal character to increase the imagination of the child. Because the child's bedroom is not only used for sleeping, but also to study and play.

That's the famous Bohemian decor ideas to warm up your space. We hope you like it.

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Author : Hafsah
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