Tiny House Design - The Most Popular For Couple Times

HSdesain.com -- Tiny house movement makes many simple designs for homes that don't require a large area of land and are of course cheaper. A small house will also allow you and your partner to enjoy a more calm and intimate time. Hopefully the following tiny house ideas can inspire you. Check out Tiny House Design - The Most Popular For Couple Times.

House facade design

The facade of this tiny house is simple but beautiful. Because it does not adhere directly to the ground, the style of the stage in the house can reduce damage during an earthquake. The combination of wood and black colors will complement the natural surroundings perfectly.

Living room idea

To avoid a room that is too crowded, you can use the terrace as an outdoor living room by adding a comfortable sofa. Choose a wood color that makes it blend with the exterior of the house.

Home interior idea

Entering the interior of the house, there is one functional room, including a bedroom. The choice of white color makes it look clean and feel spacious. The large window design is also the perfect addition for perfect air and light circulation.

Small kitchen idea

Apart from being a bedroom, it is also used as a small kitchen with a sleek kitchen set. You can do activities without moving too far. Don't forget to add a cooker hood to get rid of the smoke, so the room is not stuffy.

Small bathroom idea

This small bathroom design requires the right arrangement to keep the important furniture in it. The choice of white is still a mainstay for a small and cozy room. Give storage on the wall for more concise and neat storage.

Those are the Peaceful Tiny House Design Ideas for Best Living in Small Space. We hope you like it.
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