Bringing the Outdoors In - The Best Plants for Your Kitchen -- Do you want to try a new outdoor cooking activity? Using charming greenery is a simple way to make the kitchen cooler.
Greenery adds beauty while cooling down a room, and the kitchen is no exception. We've gathered some of the best plants for growing in the kitchen. Let's read the whole thing!


Begonia Maculata

 The appearance of the kitchen will look even more stunning with a unique combination of ornamental plants. Begonia maculata with characteristic leaves of Polka dot motif can be the best choice.
Begonia is a plant that is easy to grow and also low maintenance.
Then you should not be afraid, if you are a novice gardener.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos are vibes with a beautiful green leaf look. This plant is one of the best plants in the kitchen.
They can purify the air in the room well. For the best decors look, you can hang golden pothos on the windowsill or on the kitchen shelf.

Chinese Money plant

This plant , which is believed to bring good luck, has the Botanical name Pilea peperomioides or Chinese money plant. As the name implies, the plant has unique leaf shape like a coin.
You can put them near the window for the best growth.

Spider plant

Spider plant is included in the list of the best indoor plants that you can grow in the kitchen. They can grow well anywhere with easy care.
The characteristic green and white nuances of leaves will make the kitchen look cooler and refreshing.

ZZ plant


ZZ plant is a plant native to Africa. This plant is one of the popular indoor plants. ZZ plant offers the beauty of glossy green leaves. And most importantly, they can grow well even in low light.

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Author : Hafsah
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