7 Typical Low-Care Indoor Plants


7 Typical Low-Care Indoor Plants

HSDesain.com -- Not many options exist for ornamental plants to be used as friends for decoration outside or inside the room. Choosing plants is not random, especially for those of your newbies who love ornamental plants and want to have plants.

Take not of some species that may be simple to plant, such as the following 7 ornamental plants that require little upkeep.

Money plant


This leaves with flattened leaves, also known as Pilea, thrives in colder climates. Windowsill is the ideal location to encourage the growth of larger leaves, because it receives indirect but necessary sunlight to increase fertility.

Jade plant


Jade plants are frequently given as housewarming gifts to represent luck. This plant has thick, dark green leaves that are technically succulents and have a waxy coating. Keep the soil dry in the winter and moist in the summer.



The philodendron is a suitable tropical plant for a home spaces because of its airy appearance and ability to create a feeling of moistness. Plants that thrives under moist, harsh lighting when properly watered. Put it in a hanging basket to display tis exotic-looking leaves.

Air plant


This air plant, also known by its scientific name of Tillandsia, is a very popular ornamental plant. Does not need a root system does not need excessive care. Just water it regularly, rinse it in the sink, ad pat it dry with a towel.

Majestic Palm


This palm plant is suitable for beginners because it requires little maintenance and will dominate the space while creating a tropical effect. Although it thrives in direct sunlight, this plant is also great for indoor environment like the windowsill.

English Ivy


A fresh atmosphere will be added to the  room by using indoors plants that thrive in this hanging basket. Can easily maintain a humid atmosphere in the room, attract some pests, and provide fresh air.




The last plant is a fern that thrives with the right humidity and lighting. By using this plant, you can make your space feel fresher and more tropical. For beginners, maintenance is very simple.

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