Minimalist Apartment Decor Ideas to Suit Any Size Space -- Living in a small apartment makes you have to be more creative when designing each room. Designing a minimalist style interior design is the best solution. The minimalist interior style is synonymous with bright neutral colors so that it will make a narrow room feel more spacious and large.
If you are doing apartment renovations, we have collected examples of minimalist apartment decor ideas to suit any size space!

Beige wall interior

 Wall interiors with a bright neutral color such as beige are the best solution to make the room feel bigger. Especially if you combine it with the concept of an open space interior that makes the room more spacious. Design the living room, dining room, and kitchen in the same room to get a a cool and open room.

Maximize natural light

If you live in an apartment and have a balcony, you are a lucky person. Between the living room and the balcony is bordered by glass windows that allow natural lighting to enter the room. That way, the appearance of the room will look brighter and cooler. The balcony is one of the best places to relax cozy.

 Charming lighting

 Not only does it ensure that natural light can enter the house, but you need to design lighting at night well. Combine the headlights as a source of lighting, and decorative lamps to beautify the look. Try to use hanging lamps above the mini bar to make the illusion of the room look taller.


All-white interior

Make the kitchen look always clean by designing an all-white interior. The single line shape kitchen looks perfect in a cramped room. Other parts of the room can also be used as a functional laundry room. That way, every room will be maximized properly.

Multi functional furniture

A narrow room does not mean that it is uncomfortable. There are many ways to maximize the available room capacity. On the headboard of the bed is equipped with cabinet facilities for storage. The use of multi functional furniture will help you save space.

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Author : Hafsah
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