7 Gorgeous Landscaping For Small Garden

 HSdesain.com -- Having a house with a large yard is a dream for everyone. Because you can be creative in creating a charming garden. But what if you only have a small space? No need to worry, a small garden does not mean that is has a boring look.
If you're interested we've collected 7 gorgeous landscaping for small garden!

Small rock garden


Make your small garden feel more natural by designing  a garden with white rock material. White rocks can make the illusion of a garden bigger. You just need to combine with greenery for a fresher and more lively garden.

Small garden in the corner


 Do you have an empty corner of the space? You can turn it into a charming garden. It does not require a large area of land, the garden is designed simply but stunningly. Grass and plants are the perfect blend to create a gorgeous garden.

Exotic small garden

 The idea of this small garden is similar to before. What is different is the rocks with a dark color that make the garden looks exotic. Succulent plants are well suited for dry gardens and their care is also easy.

 Garden landscape with paths

 Add a path to your small garden to enhance the beauty of the landscape. The path will make it easier for you when passing through the garden. That way, the garden is not damaged. Wood material looks natural and in harmony with garden chairs.


 Small garden on the balcony


Turn your balcony into a charming small garden. Despite its small size, the balcony garden is neatly designed with synthetic grass. You can combine with containers to grow many other plants. Easy, isn't it?

 Cozy small garden


Enjoying the city view is a fun activity on the weekend. Especially if there is a beautiful garden. A dry garden is the best solution. Egg chair will make your leisure more cozy and peaceful.

 Cheerful small garden


 Small size does not mean that you cannot develop creativity. To make the garden look cheerful and bright, use colorful rocks. Plants with refreshing colors can also make the garden look feel more alive.

That's the review of 7 gorgeous landscaping for small garden. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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