7 Black Kitchen Ideas for Your Elegant House

HSdesain.com -- The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house. Having a kitchen must also pay attention to its appearance so that it can provide comfort for you when you are active in it. One of the ideas that you can use for your elegant home is to use a black kitchen concept. For some ideas, check out the following article about 7 Black Kitchen Ideas for Your Elegant House.



Clean and elegant look


This first idea uses a kitchen with a plain black tone and makes it look very clean and elegant. The presence of plants in the corner of the cabinet makes this kitchen feel more alive and fresh.


Combine black and wooden


The use of black will be very suitable for your small house because it seems able to camouflage and make the area look spacious. Not only by using black, you can also use a combination of wood that makes the kitchen feel warmer.


Linear layouting


Not only color selection, you also need to pay attention to the arrangement of the kitchen set. If you have a large space, it would be very nice to arrange the kitchen with a linear layout so that the surrounding area still looks spacious and free to move.



Display shelf on the wall


In addition to using a black wall cabinet, this kitchen also looks attractive with the addition of wooden shelves on the walls. The existence of the wall shelf is very harmonious with the surface of the kitchen table and makes it have a concept full of beauty.



Window for circulation


An important element in the kitchen that cannot be left out is the window. The existence of windows in this black kitchen will make air circulation can take place optimally. And will make the black kitchen have optimal lighting.



Use marble pattern for kitchen table


In addition to wood, you can also combine a black kitchen with a beautiful marble pattern. Choose a gray color to make it blend with the black color of the kitchen. The choice of glossy material can also help you clean the kitchen more easily.



Clean and stylish black kitchen


This last idea features a simple but elegant kitchen. The use of simple furniture can combine them into a stunning look. Don't forget to add a wall lamp that makes the kitchen lighting feel warmer.




That's a review of 7 Black Kitchen Ideas for Your Elegant House. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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