Perfect House Design with Timeless Look -- Home design requires many aspects that need to be considered to keep it looking beautiful with a comfortable interior for the owner. Some of these designs we present to be a good reference for you. For some details, check out Perfect House Design with Timeless Look.

Contemporary bungalow house design

The design of a bungalow house usually has a distinctive look with a shady roof and looks high. The structure of the house combined with a modern style can make it look more contemporary. This roof model will also make the house appear more spacious and have better air circulation.

Modern one storey house

The design of this one-story house looks very majestic with a wide roof structure and made more protruding to the front which makes the porch very shady. Simple details will make this house have a timeless style.

Clever design for small land

This home design is suitable for those of you who have limited land. The vertical structure of the 2-storey house will still provide a comfortable and complete space. At the bottom there is also a well-covered garage.

Warm look 2-storey house design

The timeless look of this home style will leave anyone in awe. The addition of several items with details on the exterior makes the house look tall and unique. There are 2 porches that will make the owner can relax coolly.





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