6X10 Meters House Design WITH Cozy Roof Deck

HSDesain.com -- Minimalist home design is a rising trend. With a clean look, modern homes are now seen as more neat and beautiful. With up to 4 bedrooms for a large family, this 6X10 Meters House Design with Cozy Roof Deck is an inspiration worth trying. Let's check this out!

Modern Minimalist Exterior

This 2-story house is suitable to be built in the city or villages. Featuring a modern minimalist style, the box-shaped facade of the house is very neat with smooth building lines and soft color choices. The house has a full fence that provides privacy, and there is a roofdeck and balcony for relaxing.

Cozy Roofdeck

Roofdeck is one of the additional spaces that you can have for small or large houses. This roofdeck is made semi-outdoor, with an additional canopy to make it more comfortable. The large size is suitable for a gathering place with family and loved ones.

Laundry Area

Different from most houses, this house has a slightly unique layout. Instead of creating a cozy terrace, the front porch area is made more functional. Utilize the empty space into a laundry room, a smart idea for handling small spaces.

Open Space Concept

Maximizing a small space is one of the goals of this house design. When entering the house, we will be greeted with a comfortable open space. Starting from the living room, dining room, to the kitchen, made without a partition to make it look spacious.

All-Wood Furniture

The interior design for this house uses a minimalist Scandinavian style. A simple look but brings warmth and an elegant atmosphere. Wooden furniture is widely used to create a homey and cozy ambience.

Prioritizing Function in a Small Space

This house is only 6x10 meters, with 2 floors. Therefore, each room is designed as compact as possible to make it comfortable to live in. The small bathroom is fully functional, with a shower, toilet seat, and sink, while still having a charming modern look.

4 Bedrooms for the Whole Family

Thanks to the right layout, this house has 4 bedrooms. One of them is this bedroom which is the master bedroom. Cozy design, it has its own balcony for satisfaction.

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : COMPASS 90

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