19 x 23 M Luxury and Amazing Neo-classical Style House (5 Bedroom)

19 x 23 M Luxury and Amazing Neo-classical Style House (5 Bedroom) 

HSDesain.com -- Nowadays, the need for a beautiful home design is increasingly in demand by many people. Especially the 1-storey 5-bedroom mansion model with neoclassical style. As in the following 19 x 23 M Luxury and Amazing Neo-classical Style House (5 Bedroom). Let's check the full details below!

This structure presents a luxurious beauty thanks to the fine architectural details. A very attractive neoclassical building exterior, able to express creativity freely, through a unique facade perspective. Careful choice of details in the most skillful way.

This house brings harmony and balance to the whole, while having different highlights. The house has a combination of the main hall and 2 side halls, creating ventilation. Combining high corrugated iron floors with a carefully calculated five-level staircase system. Choose materials and colors accordingly.


A unique design that guarantees feng shui elements. The facade is accentuated by the arched door design. Round double column system, comfortably curved railings, openings on both sides, very soft and flexible. Shows the hospitality of the homeowner.

One highlight that cannot be ignored is the elegant blue-toned Japanese roof system. It is a perfect blend of classic and modern style. In particular, the glass dome with windows makes the interior brighter and more airy.

The brown color of the door system and the large glass panels stand out clearly against the smooth creamy white paint background. Combined with the hanging crystal chandelier system, it gives the house a subtle and charming beauty that is hard to ignore.

The landscape and garden are also carefully planned. Large yard for playing, neat parking lot. Rows of green trees, fresh flowers in bloom, fish ponds, and mini-landscapes combine nicely. Presenting a peaceful picture with fresh air.

So, what do you think of this house design?

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh


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