Trendy 2-Storey Modern House Design with 4 Bedrooms -- A multi-storey house can be a solution to gain additional space in the house. Trendy 2-Storey Modern House Design with 4 Bedrooms is a home design inspiration to be considered! This house has 4 bedrooms, perfect for a large family. Let's check out the design details below.

Exterior Design

The exterior of this house is one that projects a luxurious design inspired by contemporary, modern and classic designs.  The roof style adds beauty to its exterior. The combination of white and gray accents on the façade and dark blue on the roof makes for a perfect view.

Side View

A beautiful house design with an elegant yet simple bungalow style. The house has many large glass windows and vents with classic white grid frames. There is a spacious balcony deck, with greenery that refreshes the atmosphere. Some pillars also stand firmly as support for the terrace roof.

Front View

This is the front side view of the house. It looks simple and minimalist. With a large and tall solid wood entrance door. On the side, there is a secure car garage. The house has a refreshing surrounding green spot, as well as a high fence for security.

Ground Floor Plan

This two-story house features spacious bedrooms and all of the features that a family requires. The house is well planned, with two bedrooms on the ground floor and two more on the top floor. The second floor of the house also has a large kitchen, dining room, family room, and patio.

Second Floor Plan

House Specifications:

two-story contemporary house

4 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

1 living room

worship room

kitchen and dining



Estimated Cost: USD 140,000-160,000 or Php 7-8M

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : pinoyeplans

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