Popular Two-Storey House Design in 2024


HSdesain.com -- Some of these home designs are quite popular on social media. This is not without reason because the beautiful details make many people want it. Everyone hopes to realize their dream home like some of the following home designs. Are you also interested? Check out Popular Two-Storey House Design in 2024.

Stunning house

This first house design has a vibrant touch with electric blue on the roof that makes it more alive. Meanwhile, to make other areas appear harmonious, neutral colors are applied very neatly. You can also use other vibrant colors for the roof. But still adjust the aesthetics to keep it attractive.

Add fence to make it saver

This 2-storey house is not too big but in this small area the owner can give a smart plot to the area by presenting a fence and wall surrounding the house which will also add security. Let this house look beautiful with a low but secure fence design.

Grand house with smart design

A smartly designed house will certainly attract a lot of people. For example, for this one house design with a spacious porch with a sturdy pole. In addition, the second floor area is made to have several balconies with railings that have beautiful carvings to give an ethnic touch.

Simple kerala house

Kerala homes with this common design are also very popular on social media and hold up very well, making it one of the timeless dream home designs. The choice of warm colors is a common characteristic of Kerala homes like this.

Classic house design

One of the other timeless home designs is the classic home. The dominant white color with a luxurious touch of gold looks perfect with a large and strong building structure. Classic houses also usually have several side porches that will increase access.





That's the Popular Two-Storey House Design in 2024. Hope you like it!

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