Wonderful Modern House Design on Sloping Land with Pool

 HSdesain.comWhat if your house is built on sloping land? Of course, this makes you have your own worries. Especially home designs that may make you confused. For that, we have the inspiration of a modern house built on the sloping land below. Let's take a look!

Modern house design

Let's look at the image above. It looks like the appearance of a house built on sloping land but still looks eye-catching and modern. Of course, it has the same security as a house built on flat land. The gray and black appearance that adorns the exterior of the house also gives a mysterious and elegant accent.

Unique facade design

The façade of this house also has a unique design and makes this two-story residence the main concern. Geometric designs that adorn the façade of the house and also the presence of large windows can reject the mysterious impression offered by the exterior design of the house.

The orderly arrangement of the garden also makes the house that has this mysterious accent look more welcoming and natural.

Living room

The dominance of gray colors adorns the interior as soon as you enter this luxurious house. However, the presence of large windows can reject the dark and gloomy accents offered by gray shades that adorn the interior of the house.

The neat arrangement of the living room and the touch of gold in some spots make the impression of luxury and elegance.

Spacious interior

The open concept and without partitions also make this luxury house look bigger and wider. The chic design with a ceiling with wood elements and equipped with hidden lamps makes the appearance fresher. Not to forget the right settings make the room more spacious and comfortable.

Terrace deck

For the back of the house, it is used as an area to relax. There is a deck terrace that has wooden floors which of course are waterproof design. Next to the terrace itself, there is a staircase from the lower area which is commonly used because of the sloping land.

Give a guardrail with transparent glass material so that the deck terrace area is safer and certainly gives an aesthetic impression.

Pool area

And then this swimming pool was built with the concept of elevation. Where it has the same height as the decked terrace. The design of this swimming pool looks slick and adapts to the land behind the house.

That's the Wonderful Modern House Design on Sloping Land with Pool. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh
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