Modern Contemporary 100 sqm House Design 3 Bedrooms

 HSdesain.comThe luxurious and modern appearance of this industrial and contemporary design house is very eye-catching. Built on two floors, this minimalist house has a land area of 90 sqm and a building area of 100 sqm.

Exterior design

Seen from the front, this house has a simple design with shades of white and gray. The appearance of breezeblock bricks and modern fences makes the design more minimalist. Not only that, the second-floor area that is made closed and the presence of a minimalist-sized balcony in the side area gives the impression of a private residence but still welcome.

Gray carport

Entering the gate, you will find the carport area first. This predominantly gray design makes the carport look stunning and mysterious. To have enough lighting, you can combine the roof in the carport with transparent material and give additional lights in each corner. Add plants to keep this carport area fresh.

Spacious living room

The interior design of this two-storey house has a color that is almost in line with the exterior. thus making the design more matching and stunning. For the living room, you can design this room with an open concept, so that the room looks larger and more comfortable to fit many people.

Side area

Next to the living room, there is a side area of the house. This side area is designed as an area to walk from the front area to the back of the house. In order not to be monotonous, you can decorate the side area by creating a beautiful small garden. Add lights to make the atmosphere more extraordinary and make the side design of the house more aesthetic.

Comfortable space

If there is an area of space at home, you can use it to be creative and make it more functional. Like using the space area near this staircase as a relaxing or sitting area. Put a minimalist-sized sofa and table as a place to display plants. Install spotlights that will illuminate this area. Give a touch by displaying pictures on the wall to make the atmosphere more pleasant.

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