2-Storey House Design with 207 Sqm + Floor Plan | 4-Bedroom


2-Storey House Design with 207 Sqm + Floor Plan | 4-Bedroom

HSDesain.com -- There are many two-story inspirations but this time it is a two-story design that has a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Built using natural stone materials, fine wood decorations and warm colored lights. This house will amaze you immediately see the article below which is 2-Storey House Design with 207 Sqm + Floor Plan | 4-Bedroom


Two-storey houses have the benefit of being able to enjoy the view outside the house, one of which is this house. Built near the beach, you can feel the atmosphere and the beautiful sea view. Built close to nature, this design is made with strong materials such as stone and wood. The fence and side walls of the house are covered with large stones that are neatly arranged, added wood accents and the color of this house is also installed in gray like the color of the stones.

Living Area

Entering the interior of the house is equipped with furniture and decorations that match the color brown. Starting from the sofa that forms the letter L, carpet, brown wooden roof, granite on the abstract brown wall. The combination remains elegant in addition to natural lighting by glass windows. The center of this room is filled with stairs as a partition to the dining table.

Dining Area

This dining table is separate from the kitchen. The square shape is complemented by a glass table and a white sofa. The aesthetic decoration of the mirror and some paintings make an elegant impression on the room. At the end of the room is a large window covered with bright white curtains.


Next to the dining table, this kitchen is partitioned by a simple and minimalist mini bar, as well as a kitchen dominated by bright white colors combined with elegant dark colors. Although using granite but a little pattern that makes the kitchen still luxurious. This kitchen is equipped with glass windows that help improve air circulation during cooking activities.

Master Bedroom

Moving on to this master suite, which is conceptualized with a warm atmosphere. Designed with some beautiful and elegant colors, but still dominated by warm brown colors. In addition, there is a balcony area where you can feel relaxed with a beautiful view. This room will be an interesting spot for residents in addition to the resting function.

Floor Plan

This stunning home is designed with function and order in mind. With the natural atmosphere brought into the interior of the house, you will be close to nature. This 207 Sqm house has many facilities such as:

-1 Carport
-Living Area
-Dining Area
-Lanai | Outdoor Seating
-Formal Kitchen
-Dirty | Wet Kitchen
-Guest Bedroom
-Toilet & Bath
-Staircase with Storage
-Helpers Room with Toilet & Bath

Second Floor Area 99.0 sqm.
*Balcony Area 35.50sqm

-Bedroom 1
-Bedroom 2
-Commont Toilet & Bath
-Master Bedroom with Walk In Closet & T & B
-Family Hall

That's the 2-Storey House Design with 207 Sqm + Floor Plan | 4-Bedroom. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : AKM Design & Concept

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