Beautifully Designed Small House With Floor Plan 6m x 9m Low Budget

Beautifully Designed Small House With Floor Plan 6m x 9m Low Budget -- Farmhouse designs are still very much in demand due to their cozy and inviting look. This small house comes as an affordable yet cozy housing solution for small families. Let's check the design details of the Beautifully Designed Small House With Floor Plan 6m x 9m Low Budget below!

Facade Design

Facade Design

There is no doubt that this house has a simple look that also looks beautiful. Farmhouse design is synonymous with simplicity and comfort, and this little 6x9mter house is no exception. The facade looks simple, but ornamental details such as wooden lattices and other woody accents make the facade more attractive. The addition of houseplants is a perfect choice!

Relaxing Yard

Relaxing Yard

Having a large yard is one of the advantages that we should be grateful for. You can turn this yard into a garden and a cozy relaxing spot. Green grass will be perfect, complemented by a path that makes it look natural and neat. At the end, you can add a set of chairs and a garden table. It could be a cozy place to host a small party with your loved ones.

Simple Roof

Simple Roof

This house uses a simple gable roof, which fits perfectly with its facade and budget. It also tends to be easy to maintain, making it popular on small houses. There is also an additional wider flat roof to protect the terrace more optimally.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

House features:

       - Living Area

       - Dining Area

       - Kitchen Area

       - 2 Bedroom

       - 1 Bathroom

       - Laundry area

       - Terrace area


From $ 15,000 - 21,000 USD

Price may vary depending on the location.

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Author  : Rieka

Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : Tiny House Design

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