3 Floors Modern Classic House Design 16x25 meters | 5 Bedrooms

3 Floors Modern Classic House Design 16x25 meters | 5 Bedrooms 

HSDesain.com -- Modern classic house designs will always be in demand for their elegance and luxurious look. This 3 Floors Modern Classic House Design 16x25 meters | 5 Bedrooms is here for those of you who are looking for a timeless and eye-catching luxury home design! Let's take a look at the full details of this exclusive house below!

Luxury House

A luxurious look will always attract the attention of anyone who sees it. No matter how old, in fact, until now the classic house design still has high demand. Like this house, it appears so luxurious with 3 floors. From a distance, you will be able to feel the exclusive side that is tempting! 


This luxurious house is also equipped with a spacious carport. The modern carport design with a flat roof looks sturdy and elegant. This carport can accommodate up to 2 large cars. It looks more elegant with hidden lamps that are neatly arranged and lined up on the ceiling. You can also see that this house has a neat and soothing garden, and of course very elegant!

Classic Details

The details of a classic modern house are very detailed! As you can see from the side of this house, the bold lines, accented with luxurious natural stone ornaments, make it even more expensive! Neatly arranged wall lights attach will enhance the exterior look!

Modern Big Windows

If you pay attention, this house uses a lot of tall and large window models. With a minimalist yet cool grid model. There are also tall sliding glass doors, with a matching look with the window next to it. Resulting in a beautiful and elegant modern look!

Pool and Patio

Then it would be incomplete if a luxury home was not equipped with a swimming pool. This swimming pool looks cool, on the side there is an artificial fountain with an elegant swan statue. In the corner there is a small patio that you can make a comfortable relaxing place.

Living Room

Compared to the exterior, the interior of this house is no less interesting! The design is luxurious and elegant from the first glance. The room is open space, very cozy with large glass windows on the sides. The interior theme is elegant with earthy color tones that tend to be cold. 

And for the simple specifications, this house has:

Land Size 16.7 m x 25 m

Building Area 813.97 sqm

5 Bedrooms

6 Bathroom 

3 Powder Room/Guest Toilet 

2 Maid Room 

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