14 x 19 M American Classic House Design + Mini Garden

 HSdesain.comThis classic American-style home design looks stunning. White shades that adorn the appearance of the house make the residence look attractive and clean. Built with a land size of 14 x 19 meters, this two-story house also applies a minimalist concept so that it looks simple and comfortable. For that, let's look at the explanation below.

Classic house design

The exterior appearance of this typical classic-style house gives the impression of old money and fancy. Supported white shades in the exterior design, as well as slick lighting, will make this classic American home design attractive and suitable for taking pictures.

Living room

The charming look in the living room makes anyone feel comfortable to sit and live in it. In the dominance of white and beige colors, the ceiling of this living room looks attractive with the concept of volume and chandelier. A touch of gold in some parts gives the impression of elegance and luxury in the living room of this two-story house.

Elegant ceiling

The appearance of the ceiling in other rooms is no less interesting than in the living room. Decorated with beautiful chandeliers and towering down, this design is suitable for rooms that have high roofs like this family room.

Pantry and dining room

To avoid being empty, you can repurpose it as a more functional area. Take advantage of the area under the stairs for rooms or spots such as pantries and dining rooms. Arrange neatly so as not to be messy and look neat and comfortable when occupied.

Kitchen area

To get around the small room in the kitchen, you can divide it into two parts. Like one part for the sink area, and another part for the cooking area. 

White shades that decorate the kitchen can help the room look more radiant and avoid stuffy and gloomy impressions. Don't forget to give additional lights to facilitate your cooking activities.

Mini fresh garden

A small garden in your home can be designed as creatively as possible to feel comfortable. Synthetic grass that adorns the garden and white coral rocks make the design look natural and fresh. Make nice arrangements for the plants so that they can grow well and beautify the garden area in this classic American home.

That's the 14 x 19 M American Classic House Design + Mini Garden. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh
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