The Most Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Design with Porches & 3-Bedroom | 200 Sqm

The Most Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Design with Porches & 3-Bedroom | 200 Sqm -- Still confused about choosing a house that is suitable for you, farmhouses are some suitable solutions for you with a distinctive beauty and comfort like living in the countryside. This farmhouse is built with a modern concept and has a high level of comfort because it is equipped with complete family facilities, each room is designed with a modern classic feel so you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of this house. Here is The Most Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Design with Porches & 3-Bedroom | 200 Sqm.


This house has a rectangular shape with a triangular roof that complements each other, the combination of bright and calm colors makes an elegant and warm impression. The front view is enhanced by a white wooden fence and plants surrounding the facade of the house. This farmhouse is equipped with glass windows as natural lighting and lighting, it is interesting that at the end of this house there is a chimney that functions to make a fireplace in the house.

Living Room

As in the facade picture inside this living room there is a fireplace, the side of the room is also placed a sofa with a cute little pillow. This room is decorated like a classic style but still displays a modern impression on the selection of calm and warm color tones. This area is suitable as a family center with a large television focus.

Dining Area

Opposite the kitchen that facilitates cooking and serving activities at the dining table, the dining table is made of wood with a comfortable table decoration, on the side of the table is installed a glass window that makes good lighting and air in the house. The combination of colors that match makes a neat impression and a house that looks elegant.


This is a kitchen that is right next to the dining table in a square room with a modern and elegant look. Although there is a dining table, a mini bar is deliberately installed to enjoy a private meal or enjoy family activities cooking in the kitchen. A kitchen with complete facilities can make the spirit of cooking activities to serve family meals.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is spacious, with a large wooden bed in the center and drawers and lamps on each side of the bed. This classic decor makes for extra comfort when taking a break from work, while on the side of the bed is a wooden door that connects to the cozy courtyard. The area is covered by a wooden window and thick netting so that the air is able to provide freshness to the room area. This room is designed with a beauty that can create a high level of satisfaction and comfort.

Cozy Porches

After touring this house, it can be concluded that some of the beautiful rooms are full of facilities and a high level of comfort. Having a family area and a comfortable home center can increase harmony with the family. Although outside this area, there are several plants on the wall that serve as greenery or can be used as an outlet for hobbies. This area is not only for gathering to enjoy tea but also for celebrating special moments or small family parties.

Floor Plan


This is the floor plan that you make reference to a modern farmhouse with complete facilities, this 260 Sqm house is available 2 car garage, porch, living area, dining room, kitchen, office room, outdoor dining, Bedroom 1 & 2, toilet & bathroom, master bedroom equipped with a courtyard and toilet and bathroom.

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Akashi Design

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