7 Most Popular Modern Multi-storey Level Minimalist House Design Concepts

7 Most Popular Modern Multi-storey Minimalist House Design Concepts 

HSDesain.com -- The concept of modern home styles has become popular in recent times. In addition to providing a minimalist and elegant look, modern homes also tend to maximize space well. If you're looking for home inspiration, then these 7 Most Popular Modern Multi-storey Minimalist House Design Concepts can be a great idea for you! Let's check the details below.

Design for Small House

This first inspiration is suitable for those of you who even have a small land. A modern minimalist design of a 2-storey house, which has a roofdeck and also a balcony above it. The line of the building looks firm with the black frames of the large windows on the front side. This house has a carport that looks inward, because the land is limited. 

Unique Exposed Brick

This house looks unique and charming with a minimalist modern industrialist style. The two-storey house has a spacious balcony for relaxing. The front facade looks attractive with brightly colored exposed brick finishing accents. The roof is also given a matching wooden look ceiling.

Modern House on a Hook Lot

This house idea is suitable for those of you who have a house on a hook land. The perfect modern minimalist design, with a warm earthy tone color combination. Equipped with a simple and wide flat roof. The fence is also detailed, has an amazing look with beautiful wood and natural stone materials.

A 3-Storey House that Looks Slim

This 3-level house design is suitable for those of you who have small land. This modern design that looks slim, can maximize your land well. An elegant and luxurious look with firm building lines. The tall windows that are installed vertically are also very useful for the rooms that are in it.

Modern House With Layered Slopping Roof

Modern houses can also use roofs other than flat or roofdeck models. Like this house that looks interesting like houses in Japan. The facade design is minimalist yet elegant with a neat blend of natural stones. The roof uses a sloping roof with a layer structure to create a strong and eye-catching impression.

Modern House with Secondary Skin 

To provide privacy, you can add a secondary skin to certain areas. For example, the balcony in this house. An interesting design with wooden lattice material, which will also make the balcony more shady. An attractive facade with tall glass windows and a perfect blend of natural elements.

A 3-Storey Modern House wih Roofdeck and Sloping Roof

You can also combine the roofdeck with the roof of the building. For example, like the following 3-level house. It looks unique with its asymmetrical facade. The sloping roof looks wide, equipped with an open roofdeck that can be a place to relax with your little family.

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