Modern House Ideas with Cool Colors Make Eye-Pleasing

 HSdesain.comIn addition to the style of the house, the selection of the right color will certainly make the design of the house more stunning and aesthetic. Some ideas about the color of home design in modern homes you can imitate and make inspiration. Let's see for more.

Cool blue color in two-storey house


Applying blue to the façade of the house is certainly a good thing, especially in combination with other colors such as white, this will produce a residential effect with a beautiful atmosphere. There are many shades of blue on the market today. You can choose it as you wish.

American style with pastel color


This house with a typical American style looks chic with pastel or shabby colors. The use of Shabby color also gives the impression of a classic residence but still timeless. Combine with neutral colors for a more modern and stylish home design.

Warm effect of 2-storey modern house design


This combination of neutral colors that are bright enough to give a warm and cozy home accent. The cheerful orange color combined with beige, and also white, further complements the appearance of this two-story modern house. Add plants as decorations in several spots on the exterior of the house for a beautiful residence.

Pretty tosca and white for your exterior


What do you think of Tosca green? The atmosphere is fresh, relaxing, and comfortable, isn't it? Well, you can also apply this color to the exterior of your modern home. But if you like color combinations, try combining this tosca color with other matching colors such as white.

Elegant gray with orange lighting


Gray is often synonymous with mysterious, gloomy, and elegant impressions at the same time. But no need to worry, you can apply this color to the design of a modern 2-story house. Combine it with white or other matching colors. Not only that, add warm lighting such as orange for the impression of a welcoming and comfortable home exterior.

Classic style with beige or broken white


The appearance of a modern house with broken white and beige colors gives a classic but timeless residential accent. In addition, if you apply the design of this house, it can also provide the effect of occupancy that looks wider than the original size. Its clean appearance makes the house with these two colors look more classy and elegant.

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