3-Bedroom Cozy Bungalow House Design only 13 x 15 M | Popular in Nigeria

3-Bedroom Cozy Bungalow House Design only 13 x 15 M | Popular in Nigeria


-- Still looking at bungalow homes that have the distinction of being timeless. Every design is as stunning as a grand palace, conveying a story of elegance, comfort and inherent cultural history. In Nigeria, houses play an important role. While there are many common types of houses, bungalows are a great choice for realizing a dream home. It is a single-storey house with various separate or semi-detached rooms. Hence, it has become popular in many circles. Here is the 3-Bedroom Cozy Bungalow House Design only 13 x 15 M | Popular in Nigeria.


The facade of this bungalow exudes a beautiful splendor, dominated by a light cream color, its impressive architectural style is decorated with fine details, exuding timeless beauty. On the right side, the shape of the house is curved like a beautiful curved castil. On some walls, windows are scattered to help air circulation and natural lighting of this sizable house. The roof of this house forms several triangles whose higher ends make a majestic and luxurious impression.

Living Area

Entering the house is greeted by a stunning living room, equipped with an interior with a fairly firm color tone. This straightforward color combination gives a classic and luxurious impression. In the center of this room is placed a large sofa under which is placed a brown floral carpet. The television is mounted on the top wall covered with wallpaper so that it does not directly damage the wall. Underneath is a shelf with stacks of books and beautiful small decorations.

Dining Area

This dining table is located in a curved area like a castle that is quite luxurious with chandeliers as if enjoying a meal in a luxurious palace. This area is installed with 3 glass windows that make good lighting in this area, on the side of the wall installed stunning landscape paintings so that it displays a beautiful luxurious impression.


This kitchen is next to the dining table, dominated by the color brown. That is, the wall is covered with small ceramics and the kitchen set that forms the letter L is quite long, the right color combination gives a beautiful Nigerian style.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is quite spacious and spacious, in the corner of the room is placed a comfortable sofa chair, while the side of the house plants are aesthetically pleasing. This room has a brown wood-patterned roof that matches the decor of the room. The wall is installed with a wide window so that natural lighting is evenly distributed and helps improve good air circulation.



The bathroom is lined with brown ceramic tiles, making the walls resistant to excess moisture. Between the toilet and bathing area is a small quarter-height wall, while a counter and sink are placed near the door.

That's the   3-Bedroom Cozy Bungalow House Design only 13 x 15 M | Popular in Nigeria. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : 237 Architectural Design Studio

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