Lovely 65 sqm House Design in Minimalist Style

 HSdesain.comThe design of this 1-storey minimalist house with a building area of 65 sqm looks chic and comfortable. The simple design but still cozy and warm makes the residence suitable for small families or new couples. Let's take a look at the review below for details.

Facade design

For the façade of the house, it is closed in design to look tall and spacious. In closing, you can wear high breezeblocks with simple motifs or according to the design of the house. You also need to add lighting so that the appearance of the façade of this house looks slick and gives the house a warm and cozy ambiance.

Carport area

The design of this carport wears stone elements that make it feel more natural. In addition, you can put some plants that can be useful for good air circulation in the carport area and leave a stuffy or smoky impression. You can use the edge of the empty carport area as a storage area for mechanical goods or shoe racks to maximize design and space.

Terrace design

While the terrace area is located close to the carport and before the entrance. This terrace is designed by not putting a lot of furniture and items. You need to put the required bench or set of seats and decorate the plants to taste. This will make the terrace not stuffy because of the many displayed items.

Living room

Entering the interior, it looks like this tiny living room has a neat and comfortable design to relax and greet guests. It has a basic shade of white, making this living room look more spacious and airy. Moreover, there is a mirror that helps reflect the condition of the living room so that it makes it a comfortable, spacious, and aesthetic space.


This inline kitchen design looks neat and neat. The combination of black and white makes the kitchen look elegant, swag, and chic. The additional lamp on the kitchen table can help your activities in cooking.

Compact storage

Likewise with storage. It needs to be designed and arranged in such a way that the storage area looks neat and neat. With a white base color, it will make the storage area appear neater, cleaner, and airy. You can add decorations in the form of plants or others to beautify the storage area.

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Author  : Yuniar
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