Futuristic 2-Storey House Design with 5 Bedrooms (11 x 15 M)

 HSdesain.comThis 2-storey house with an area of 11 x 15 meters looks chic and futuristic. Especially with a modern and stylish design, making this house look more durable and timeless. Check out the review below for details on this futuristic 2-storey house.

Exterior design

The bold design with geometric shapes on the exterior of the house makes it look more modern and futuristic. Interspersed with glass material that is wide enough, making this house look friendly and warm. And under the balcony, there is a carport that has no cover and can also fit up to 2 cars.


While in the courtyard area, you will see a small garden in the corner of the area. Decorate nicely and add pathways to beautify this grassy garden.

Living room and indoor garden

Entering the interior there is a living room that also looks chic with a large enough window. So that this living room area will get direct sunlight access and make it a comfortable and warm room. Behind the living room is a staircase. And in the area under the empty stairs, you can use it to make an indoor garden. So, even though it is indoors, the atmosphere feels fresh just like in the outdoor area.

Kitchen area

Then there is a kitchen area equipped with a minibar. The shape of this kitchen itself is like a room and in a U-letter design. Without a lid or door, you can use the mini bar table as a barrier between the kitchen and other rooms. Next to the kitchen itself, there is a window or sliding door with glass material that has an outdoor or backyard view. And this will spoil your eyes when in the kitchen area.


For the bathroom, there is a baffle to separate the shower area and the dry area. You can wear minimalist and flexible baffles so as not to take up much space. Install a mirror on the sink area according to your size or wishes.

First-floor plan

For first-floor, it consists of:
  • carport
  • living room
  • a bedroom
  • 3 bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • dining room

Second-floor plan

For second-floor, it consists of:
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • family area
  • gym area
  • balcony

That's the Futuristic 2-Storey House Design with 5 Bedrooms (11 x 15 M). Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Youtube - S.Design idea

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