4-Bedroom Modern contemporary Bungalow House Design with 210 Sqm

4-Bedroom Modern contemporary Bungalow House Design only 210 Sqm


HSDesain.com -- Contemporary design bungalow house that focuses on the aesthetic side and elements that are trending or current, considering the contemporary style that is adjusted to the value of the local tradition of the bungalow, contemporary design materials can be adjusted with natural materials depending on the typical resources of this bungalow house. Here we see together 4-Bedroom Modern contemporary Bungalow House Design only 210 Sqm


This bungalow house has a contemporary modern style, using dark color tones but still showing an elegant impression. This bungalow house has minimal details and features a straight line style on the water rope, carport roof and side of the fence. Although modern, this house has a triangular roof typical of bungalows, the combination of glass and natural stone walls provides a modern and warm aesthetic.

Living Area

Entering the house is greeted with a spacious and modern living room, this room has furniture with a straight line style that produces a firm, elegant modern impression. Lining the walls by wall panels that function to make the television not mounted to damage the walls, the color of each tone of this room is calm and well lit by glass windows that make the room naturally bright.

Dining & Kitchen Area

This house has an open space style that connects the living room, dining table and kitchen. The dining table is located in the middle of the room with a square table and equipped with a comfortable white sofa, the distance to the kitchen is not too far this facilitates activities in the kitchen. This area is partitioned by a mini bar but still gives a spacious impression, in the kitchen area is also equipped with natural lighting by glass windows that make the room evenly lit.

Master Bedroom

This room is minimalist in style and still looks elegant by the calm tone color furniture, the selection of straight line decorations that make the house look neat while displaying an elegant impression. This area remains maximally bright because there are glass windows that spread in several rooms, the window is equipped with curtains that rise to the roof, this serves to give the impression of a tall and neat room.

Floor Plan

This modern contemporary style bungalow house is one of the best choices for your home in 2024, the floor plan can be your good reference. The 210 sqm house has 2 carports, 4 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, master's walk-in closet, covered entry porch and lanai. Immediately present this note because this bungalow house with a modern contemporary combination is still a dream design.

That's the  4-Bedroom Modern contemporary Bungalow House Design with 210 Sqm. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : OneArki Design

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