2-Storey Elegant House Design with 9 x 16 M & 4-Bedroom + Floor Plan

2-Storey Elegant House Design with 9 x 16 M & 4-Bedroom + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- When planning the construction of a 2-storey house, it is important to consider various factors such as design, size, layout, and of course cost in order to realize the dream home. Choosing the right style should reflect personal preferences, space requirements, as well as the surrounding environment. The design this time has elegant modern characteristics that can affect the environment and function of the house. Here we see the 2-Storey Elegant House Design with 9 x 16 M & 4-Bedroom + Floor Plan.



A 2-storey house with a minimalist modern style, the combination of bright and calm color tones gives a luxurious elegant look. The front view of the facade of this house is square, while the lower right part is slightly protruding with a flat-roofed carport. This house has a high roof on the left which is equipped with large glass from top to bottom, the glass is surrounded by a layer of wood which creates a modern elegance. On the balcony, a wooden partition is provided, in addition to the privacy function, it will give an aesthetic impression.


Living Area


In addition to the elegant facade, the living room was welcomed into the house in a modern luxury style, this is shown in the selection of a rather low sofa with a table with a beautiful arch. In addition, this area has a wall style that is covered with exposed walls so that it gives a calm appearance, coupled with lighting from large windows, giving the perfect elegant impression.



Dining Area 

The right choice of dining room will be beneficial for the comfort of your family, the dining table is located under the stairs decorated with a garden with flowers and refreshing green grass, besides the garden function will provide the greenery needed for eye comfort. The round dining table and 4 comfortable sofa chairs are special for your harmonious nuclear family.



Right on the side of the dining table, the two areas are partitioned by a mini bar that fills the entire wall. So that even though there is a partition it will still look spacious, switch in the middle of the kitchen which is filled with mini dining for private meals with your partner. This kitchen is dominated by an elegant black granite color.


Family Area 


Separated from the main room, the area next to the pool area with spacious glass doors and windows, this area can be converted into a family room, meeting or dining with a large family. The attractive design can be enjoyed while enjoying the pool area. The windows and glass are installed with double curtains that provide privacy and attract the aesthetics of the house.


Master Bedroom

This room also offers perfect comfort, it is designed functionally wise. Entry into the room is greeted by a hallway and a wooden partition. In addition to a simple bed and television shelf, area ii is equipped with a work desk with a large balcony view. The balcony is accessed through a wide glass door accompanied by curtains that match the color tone of the room. This room creates a great sense of serenity.


Floor Plan 

This 2-story house can be your dream home reference this year, in addition to maximizing the elegant design, pay attention to the budgeted costs. This floor plan which measures 9 x 16 meters has :

This House Plan :
  ⁕ Ground Floor
       - 2 Car Parking
       - Living Area
       - 2 Dining Area
       - Kitchen room
      - 1 Bedroom
       - 1 Bath room
       - Swimming pool 


 ⁕ First Floor
       - Master Bedroom
       - Bedroom 2
       - Bedroom 3
       - 2 Bath room  
       - Balcony

That's the  2-Storey Elegant House Design with 9 x 16 M & 4-Bedroom + Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
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