1780 SQFT Modern Kerala House Design with Cozy Courtyard + Floor Plan

1780 SQFT Modern Kerala House Design with Cozy Courtyard  + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- Kerala homes built on large tracts of land result in spacious and efficient homes, as every space is utilized to its fullest potential. The house is open space and good in air circulation because it has a courtyard inside the house, the maintenance of this house is quite affordable and efficient in the use of electricity. Let's explore together 1780 SQFT Modern Kerala House Design with Cozy Courtyard  + Floor Plan.


This facade looks like it consists of 2 floors but this house has a high roof concept which functions to create good air circulation. There is a triangular roof above the carport and high roof, then there is a flat roof above the carport and the right side of the house. The use of shingle roofs makes the house last long because it is resistant to all weather, although a little expensive but worth it than using clay roofs. So that it describes a modern classic residence that is combined.

Living & Courtyard

Entering the house, you are greeted with a stunning interior. In the corner in front of the entrance is a spacious living room with a fur rug, a sofa and a small table, a large television shelf on the wall and a storage area for cute little decorations. On the side of the shelf are potted flowers and beautiful paintings, this area is also beautified with a classic chandelier. Another thing that makes this house cozy is that there is a beautiful courtyard next to the living area, equipped with a large swing which functions as a place to sit while enjoying magazines and the beautiful atmosphere of the house. In the center is also a small garden with pots typical of Kerala India.

Master Bedroom

Each room is spacious and stunning, exuding a natural beauty. A muted-colored master basket overlooks the room's garden, which is partitioned off by sliding glass doors to enjoy the refreshing greenery. Large glass windows are scattered on several walls that serve as good lighting in the rooms.

Dining Area


The open space nature of this house is not only equipped with a courtyard, but in line with the dining table is equipped with a large koi fish pond on which there is a loose roof that still captures sunlight. Enjoying a meal feels like in a cozy villa, even though it has an inner courtyard, this house is equipped with glass windows covered with rattan so that the lighting still looks good.

Floor Plan

This is the floor plan that can be used as a reference for your dream home, Having a beautiful and cool house is very popular by some, therefore the choice of modern kerala houses is the solution. Kerala modern house has facilities namely carport, sit out, living & dining, courtyard 1, koi fish pond, corridor to room 2 and room 3, washroom 2, master bedroom with courtyard 2, washroom 1 and kitchen.



That's the  1780 SQFT Modern Kerala House Design with Cozy Courtyard  + Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source :     Arch- Diary


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