Tiny House Design (8.4 x 3 M) Paddies Spanish Casa

 HSdesain.comThe right design in a small, limited house makes you feel at home. In addition to a neat design, the selection of colors and furniture is certainly important so that the residence has a good appearance. Below is an example of a tiny house with an elongated size that is presented specifically for you.

Deck area

This outdoor deck can be used as a terrace. You can use this area to relax or even as an outdoor living room. The wood material on the pole and the floor make this minimalist residence feel fresh and warm at the same time.


The interior appearance of this Casa Spanish house looks warm and the arrangement is quite neat. Choosing the right furniture and having a matching color design also improves the aesthetics of the dwelling. The wood material used on the floor and some furniture certainly provides natural and fresh accents in the interior.

Laundry spot

In the back area of the house, you can use this area for the laundry area. Indeed, the laundry area is located outside the house, but with a design that installs a roof and other protection, it certainly makes you comfortable when washing clothes, even when the weather is rainy or bad weather.

Side layout

Here is the side layout of the elongated Spanish Casa. After entering the house, you will find the living room area. The living room faces the kitchen, dining table, and stairs leading to the top floor. And behind the kitchen is a bathroom. For the top floor, just a bedroom. After climbing the stairs, you will encounter a bedroom divider.

Floor plan

As previously explained, this tiny house has 2 floors. The ground floor is used as a public area, such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room. There is also a bathroom but there is an area after the kitchen. Then, the second floor area is used for privacy areas, such as bedrooms and even workspaces.

That's the Tiny House Design (8.4 x 3 M) Paddies Spanish Casa. Hope you like it!

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