Cozy Two Storey House Design - 88 sqm with 4 Bedrooms -- This 2-storey house has an awesome look with a classic yet more contemporary touch that can be built in the city with a grand look. This house takes up 8 x 11 meters of land with several comfortable rooms in it including 4 bedrooms which are the best facilities if you have a large family. For some details, check out Cozy Two Storey House Design - 88 sqm with 4 Bedrooms.

House facade design

The front view looks amazing with the wall line that makes the house not appear monotonous. The overall color is predominantly white with lots of large windows and some pillars that are typical for a classic style home. For the fun area, there is also a spacious open balcony with a railing that has a beautiful size to make it more luxurious like a classic house in general.

Living room design

The interior has a neat arrangement with a living room that has a void so that the room is higher and will never feel stuffy. Additional chandeliers with luxurious designs will be a very perfect element in the room and make a warmer impression.

Dining area design

Then there is the dining area with an elongated table and elegant chairs that make this area suitable for both formal and intimate settings. Nearby, there are cabinets and shelves that can be filled with several displays as decorations that add beauty.

Kitchen design

This back kitchen has a combination of white and wood that feels warm and still features a neat and functional arrangement. The natural stone pattern applied to the countertop and backsplash wall adds interest and can disguise splash stains while cooking.

Floor plan design

This is a detail of the 8 x 11 meter 2-storey house plan and its size. On the first floor area there is a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. For the second floor there are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, voids, and also a spacious balcony. See more details in the picture.

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Author  : Hafidza
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Awan Small Design

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