Modern House Designs that will be Trendy in 2024 -- A house will always be needed by everyone and will be built by many people every year. This time, we will provide references to house designs that you can build in the next year with a more timeless and magnificent style. For some designs, check out the following Modern House Designs that will be Trendy in 2024.

Classic house with high pillars

The classic house design has never been dimmed. Its splendor is still admired by anyone who sees it. High pillars are one of the things that make a classic house look distinctive and perfect. Then, a luxurious style chandelier will be very suitable to be combined with a touch of gold-colored exterior with matching carvings.

Simple modern house design

This will also be a timeless look and can be a perfect home design reference next year. The simple structure with soft-colored exterior finishing looks shady and clean. The house is made interesting by the external staircase that accesses the porch on the second floor. If you want the house to look livelier, additional simple lines can be applied to the front wall.

Contemporary classic house design

For a more contemporary look, this classic house design uses a more modern structure that uses a simple touch but gives a very strong character. The presence of large and tall windows makes the house have an interior that looks magnificent and feels very spacious. Some large windows can help with lighting and also maximize air circulation so that it is not stuffy.

Traditional Kerala with modern touch

Kerala houses are also a design that is expected to remain popular in 2024. This distinctive architectural style makes many people remember it well. The elongated and large house design is often identical to 2 or more floors and has a natural touch that is warm and fresh. It usually uses wood or natural stone to accentuate the natural side of a Kerala house like this.

Unique shape for eye-catching house design

This is also another Kerala house design that uses a more unique and contemporary structure. The first floor uses an exterior with an earth-tone finish that is softer and timeless. The second floor uses a brick exterior that is dominant and looks similar to the roof area. There is an open balcony area which is one of the characteristics of the Kerala house design that will make relaxing time at home more enjoyable and will be an interesting spot to upload on social media.

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Author  : Hafidza
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