12 x 12 m Impressive Contemporary Classic House Design with Floor Plan

HSdesain.com -- Classic houses are always an interesting things for all time. The majestic design is still favored from the past until now. Are you also interested in owning one? This house design idea has a more contemporary classic style so that it still looks modern and magnificent. For some details of this house design, check 12 x 12 m Impressive Contemporary Classic House Design with Floor Plan.

House facade design

The facade design of this house has a very beautiful appearance with a soft color combination that makes it not look boring. The details on the exterior are beautifully carved and look like a distinctive classic touch. What's interesting is when the classic house is combined with a green garden with boxwood around it that makes it look like a palace.

Roof design

The roof design uses a pyramid structure that appears very sturdy and shady. This house is also designed to have a cool balcony on the second floor and third floor with railings that match the concept of a classic house, making the exterior have many details that make you admire. The top floor can also be given some medium-sized plants to make it look more shady and fresh.

Rear view

Another interesting thing is the number of large windows in a classic house that will make the interior look large, bright, and not stuffy. These large windows occupy each room and each area such as the kitchen, living room, family room, and others. There is also a back door as an additional access to the house.

Floor plan design

The first floor has a size of 12.24 x 12.12 meters with several rooms in it. There is a foyer, living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. The porch area is outside the listed size. The front porch area requires at least 2 meters long by 4.8 meters wide.

Then for the second floor area has a slightly smaller size with several rooms such as a very spacious family area integrated with the front balcony. Then the other spaces are 4 bedrooms, 1 private bathroom, and 1 public bathroom. This bedroom with private bathroom can be chosen as the master bedroom which is more accessible than on the next floor.

This is the floor plan of the top floor of this house design. There are not many rooms in this area. There are only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The rest is an outdoor area that is very cool to relax with a railing that remains safe to make the area safe to be accessed by anyone. Holding a small party with family or dinner will be very happy to be done in this area.

That's the 12 x 12 m Impressive Contemporary Classic House Design with Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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