Modern Bungalow House Design with High Ceiling | 3-Bedroom - 119 Sqm

Modern Bungalow House Design with High Ceiling | 3-Bedroom - 119 Sqm
  -- A healthy and comfortable home is a dream for many people. one way to make the house feel more spacious is to raise the ceiling of the house, it has many benefits such as smooth air circulation because the distance between the roof and ceiling will affect the room temperature of the house. Let's explore Modern Bungalow House Design with High Ceiling | 3-Bedroom - 146 Sqm.


This house has a modern facade, one side has a high roof while the other side has a flat roof. Even so there are large glass windows as natural lighting and help make air circulation better. The roof on the carport also has a high roof so that parking is cool. The facade walls are covered with brown vinyl wood and elegant brown wood wall panels.

Living Area

This area has a high roof so this area has cool air circulation, this area is also equipped with natural lighting by large glass along the wall so that this area is maximally bright. This area is also minimal in decoration with only a beautiful large painting that adds to the elegant modern impression of the living room.

Dining Area

In the center of this area there is also a dining table separated from the kitchen so that it is convenient when gathering with family. While at the end of this open room there is a staircase that functions as a bedroom. This area is also beautified with a large chandelier that is stunning. The house is suitable for simple yet luxurious decoration.

Master Bedroom

This area looks cozy and calming with soft paint colors, there is a glass window that can be opened for light as well as helping good air circulation in the room. This area is also equipped with a minimalist work desk that makes you comfortable working in the elegant bedroom area.

Floor Plan

This is the plan you've been waiting for, realize your dream home by having many benefits in it. the house with a size of 119 Sqm has complete and comfortable facilities such as :

- Living Area (High Ceiling)
- Dining Area (High Ceiling)
- Kitchen
- Master Bedroom with Toilet & Bath
- Twin-Bedroom (Bedroom 02)
- Double Deck Bed (Bedroom 01)
-Common Toilet & Bath (with Bathtub)

That's the Modern Bungalow House Design with High Ceiling | 3-Bedroom - 119 Sqm. Hope you like it! will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source :  PSF Designs 

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