Flat Roof House Design Ideas That You'll Love

 HSdesain.com - This minimalist home design with box type concept looks slick. The combination of modern design and natural elements makes the residence feel comfortable. Complete facilities make this house look comfortable.

Exterior design

The exterior design of this house looks beautiful and eye-catching. White shades give a clean accent to the house. The flat roof design also makes the house feel modern and stylish.

Living room

In line with the exterior, the interior design of this flat roof house also wears shades of white. In order not to be monotonous and boring, you can make the furniture or items in it have contrasting colors such as black, gray, or dark blue. Don't forget to put some decorations to beautify the room.


Shown in the picture, the design of this bedroom is functional and efficient. Earth tone nuances are felt with natural elements combined with white. The headboard of the bed that also functions as a closet or storage can help the small bedroom not crowded.

Space area

Empty areas in the dwelling can be used for functional places. You can design this area by placing benches or furniture for seating. Side by side with the indoor garden, you don't need to install a door which will give a full accent. Simply a barrier or sliding door with transparent material.


Kitchen design that has a minimalist design with wood material makes the room feel comfortable and has space to move. Not only that, you can add some decorations such as plants which can help to overcome excess moisture or smoke generated from kitchen activities.

Indoor garden

Located on limited land, this indoor garden still looks stunning and provides a beautiful and soothing atmosphere. You can create a vertical garden to get around this narrow land. Then place some potted plants on the floor that if good enough and do not fill the area.

That's the Flat Roof House Design Ideas That You'll Love. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
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