Kerala House Design with Cozy Skylight | Spacious Courtyard

Kerala House Design with Cozy Skylight | Spacious Courtyard -- Kerala homes are very appealing to some people who desire a spacious home that has a classic historical aesthetic value. provides several Kerala home designs that you can use as references for your dream home. Kerala houses feature detailed exteriors that display beautiful art. Here is Kerala House Design with Cozy Skylight | Spacious Courtyard.





Among the many stunning design elements, the split-sloped roof design that crowns the two first-floor windows stands out as a charming focal point. This design choice not only adds an extra layer of dimension to the home, but also creates architectural flair. It is a detail that effortlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with functional design, making for a true work of art.

Living Room

This living room is a spacious rectangle, a calm color combination and has ample windows for air ventilation as well as natural light in the house. The placement of decorations on the walls and separate paintings are pleasing to the eye. This area is dedicated to receiving guests so no television is placed.

Dining & Kitchen   

This area is an open space concept that still connects 3 areas, namely the kitchen, dining table and family area where a large sofa and television can be found to become the center of the house in addition to eating together, you can make a chat with your family. On the side of the wall, there is a glass window equipped with parallel iron, making this house more secure.


The area that can be used as the center of the outdoor version of the house is a large courtyard, this area is equipped with casual seating, barbequing equipment that can be used for parties or special family events. The center of the wall is decorated with a comfortable pool that is perfect for relaxing your mind after finishing your activities, not only that this area can also be used as a channel for your hobbies.

Master Bedroom


The special thing that you can feel the bed that has a skylight is quite spacious, do not worry about hot weather because this room is equipped with air conditional. This spacious room is placed on a comfortable sofa facing the balcony of the room, the balcony is located a wide glass window door so that it still provides good air ventilation for your room.

Master Bathroom

The bathroom is different from the others, you can enjoy a shower like in a 5-star hotel. Above the bathtub has a spacious skylight that makes the bathroom perfectly bright and clean-looking. On the side of the sink, there is also a complete shower for a comfortable bath. This hotel-like bathroom is quite easy to maintain.

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Riddha Designs

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