4 Top Modern Interior Design Bedrooms Kerala House

4 Top Modern Interior Design Bedrooms Kerala House


HSDesain.com -- Typical of kerala homes in general, they are spacious enough to cater to every member of the family, this kerala design stems from the tropical climate where humidity remains almost all year round. Owing to the need for good ventilation, it is often seen that Kerala style homes have an inner courtyard which helps improve air circulation. The focus in this article will be on the living room of a kerala house that is trending lately, namely 4 Top Modern Interior Design Bedrooms Kerala House.
Bedroom 1

The design of each kerala model room is spacious and bright because it has sufficient ventilation and lighting. The design depicts a classic kerala impression because it has a red brick wall, this room is decorated with a modern vintage sleeping basket arrangement in the center on each side equipped with a small table and an aesthetic lamp. The Kerala model reflects the courtyard or plants in the house this room is also located in a large enough pot as greenery.

Bedroom 2

This second room is still quite spacious, and minimal decoration so that it depicts a minimalist modern impression, typical of Kerala has extensive ventilation, this is every room including the bedroom placed a wide glass window as well as natural lighting. The walls of this room are also made of neatly arranged red bricks that give a typical Kerala impression.

Bedroom 3

Dominated by the use of wooden materials, this material is able to provide a warm atmosphere to the room, including the roof and wall decorations covered with square smooth wood. The kerala model also has a typical cement floor that serves to keep the room cool. This room is also beautified with several plants as greenery.

Bedroom 4

The spacious room has a large basket in the center, minimal decorations but classic wooden furniture. On the right side of the room wall is covered by a calm brown wooden cabinet on the left side there is also a wooden cabinet with a combination of kerala glass models. This room is placed with a large mirror that serves to make the room look more spacious.

That's the  4 Top Modern Interior Design Bedrooms Kerala House. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
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