Impressive Kerala House Design Idea for Majestic Look -- Who loves Kerala houses? Yes, this house design from the Indian region is favored so much that it is gaining popularity and experiencing many developments including combining with more contemporary designs. That is of course good because it can still introduce Kerala house designs more widely and still not leave some of its characteristics. 

Here are some Kerala home design ideas for you. Check out Impressive Kerala House Design Idea for Majestic Look.

This is the first Kerala home design idea that you will fall in love with. This house design has a very impressive angular pattern from the use of a high pyramid roof. On the front and sides, there are several areas that are made to stand out, which is an element that makes the house appear more varied. 

This is a 2-storey house design idea that can be added with a loft area because the high roof will still have a comfortable and not stuffy area.

This Kerala house style has been modified with a more minimalist touch but still looks magnificent. The presence of natural components such as bricks on the front wall and some wooden elements make the house look warmer especially when combined with wall lights. The front porch has an interesting appearance with the side walls given a circular pattern that makes this Kerala house more stylish and modern like the designs that are trending on social media.

This is also one of the designs that has a simpler and more elegant structure. The high gable roof is combined with a lower flat roof on the right and left. The porch area is juxtaposed with a carport that has a brick wall with a capacity of 1 car. Then, another interesting area is the 2 balconies that will be a cool outdoor area to relax with family.

This modern Kerala house looks large and magnificent with an elevation model that makes the house appear more dimensional. Many structural details follow the modern style but still do not leave the Kerala style such as the use of natural materials and also the many vents in the form of large windows. 

If the traditional Kerala roof uses more of a gable model, this modern Kerala roof uses a flat model that is more neat and elegant.

The last Kerala house design appears different by using the dominant white color. The use of a roof with a gable design makes it have an original touch and has a strong character. The front balcony area is also used as a porch and carport roof, making the house more shady. 

The addition of trailing plants and other tropical plants will add a stunning touch to the exterior decoration that can be placed on several balcony areas.

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