120 sqm Low Cost Modern Bungalow with 3 Bedroom

 HSdesain.comThe bungalow is a one-story house that has a sloping roof and terrace. Bungalow houses are similar to small houses, only the naming may give a different impression. Below are some details about bungalows that have a size of 120 sqm and can be built at low cost.

Facade view

This minimalist bungalow has a pretty chic and warm façade. Wearing a half-sloping roof, the gray and white design of the bungalows gives an elegant and clean accent. Not only that, the plants around the bungalow also beautify the appearance and provide a fresh atmosphere.


The side area of the bungalow which is quite spacious can be used for a carport. Install a roof on the carport to protect your vehicle. You can give the carport a closing door or leave it open as you want and need.

Living room

Entering the bungalow, you will see the living room. The interior design of this bungalow applies an open concept or without partitions. However, if you want privacy, you can install an efficient and functional baffle.


The design that gives white to the bedroom makes the accent of the room look spacious and airy. Minimize items in the bedroom so that they are not cramped. Then decorate enough for a bedroom that is more cheerful and not boring.

That's the 120 sqm Low Cost Modern Bungalow with 3 Bedroom. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
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Source : J T D-Dreamstudio

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