9 x 9 M Small House Design Idea with 4-Bedrooms + Floor Plan

9 x 9 M Small House Design Idea with 4-Bedrooms + Floor Plan



HSDesain.com -- Small house designs are increasingly popular in the face of high land prices. simple and simple designs but look beautiful. For those who want to build their dream home or you want to renovate it. Small minimalist models are the solution. HSDesain.com provides many small house designs, tiny houses, luxury homes and various other homes. First we explore 9 x 9 M Small House Design Idea with 4-Bedrooms + Floor Plan.






Mediterranean style homes are synonymous with warm earthy colors, stucco exteriors, and ornate doors and windows. but this time it's a simple small Mediterranean style. The facade of this house is simetris and large, the roof of the house with tiles that are curved and made of red clay that can withstand all kinds of weather. Stucco walls that are left as they are. A two-story house that has a soft gray calm color. A carport that has a warranty, as well as several windows with black lines make the house look firm. A small canopy above the door makes the house look luxurious.  



Living Area


In addition to the exterior appearance or the outside of the house, the appearance of the interior can also determine the impression of a distinctive style, namely Mediterranean. This area uses earthy and warm colors such as white, downstairs that looks artistic. In contrast to the classic Mediterranean this house has received a modern touch. Minimalist television shelves and simple sofas.



Dining & Kitchen Area



This area looks luxurious and modern at the same time, an area measuring 42 sqm is located a dining table with 6 iron chairs. On the side there is a long chair as a relaxing seat, a kitchen set that is more dominant with beige colors looks warm and comfortable room. This area is enhanced by a ceiling equipped with a stunning circle chandelier. There is a wooden arrangement as a partition between the kitchen and the stairs.


Master Bedroom


This area uses warrants and patterns as a finishing touch to a room dominated by white. decorations that emphasize the impression of wood such as vinyl floors. This area is also enhanced by monochrome paintings. You can enjoy that this area is very calming.

Floor Plan

9x9 meters small house with 4 bedrooms and 2,5 bathroom. The total living space of this house is 128 sqm/ 1400sqft. This is a 2 story modern house design with an open living space, a washing room and a powder room on the first floor On the second floor we have 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a 14sqm deck. This house design can be built on a minimum of 100 sqm lot





That's the 9 x 9 M Small House Design Idea with 4-Bedrooms + Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
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