80 Sqm Modern Split Level House Design | 3 Bedroom + Floor Plan

80 Sqm Modern Split Level House Design | 3 Bedroom + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- Houses that are characterized by the presence of stairs that separate parts of the house but are still on the same floor or split level, have recently become a favorite. Visually, split-level houses have good aesthetic value, usually applied to the living room or center. In addition, because it has a high roof, the air circulation in this kind of residence is better. The division of space is fairly efficient so it is suitable for those of you who have small land. Let's explore the 80 Sqm Modern Split Level House Design | 3 Bedroom + Floor Plan.




The split-level house is on the left side of the house which appears to be higher, with the lower position utilized as a carport. The house has a staircase leading up to the door, on the right side there is a balcony of rooms with spacious glass doors. The roof of this house is partly flat and sloping, giving the facade a modern feel.


Living Area


Heading through the door, we are greeted with an aesthetically pleasing living room that, despite being narrow, maximizes space utilization due to minimal decorations. On the right side of the sofa, there is a white wooden partition and a door for access to the dining table and kitchen with descending stairs, while on the side there is an ascending staircase to the bedroom. This area gives a nice classic modern impression.


Master Bedroom


This room has a fairly wide glass door connected to the balcony, on the side also equipped with glass windows equipped with beautiful curtains. In addition to the lights at each end of the roof installed led lights in the middle of the roof that makes the impression of a bright and clean room. On each side of the wall is installed a half wall panel that gives an elegant impression to the bedroom.



Floor Plan

Split level houses do not need to require a large area of land, even though it is small but can be utilized properly. The size of this house is 80 Sqm which has complete facilities such as:

- Living Area
- Dining Area
- Kitchen
- 2 Bathroom
- 2 Bedroom
- Master Bedroom
- Laundry Area



That's the 80 Sqm Modern Split Level House Design | 3 Bedroom + Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : BriaheartTV Design


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