3-Bedrooms Adorable Cozy House Design in 8.3 x 13.9 m

HSDesain.com --- For those of you who are looking for a simple and beautiful house design on a small area, maybe the design below can be your reference in building your dream home. So, check out the 3-Bedrooms Adorable Cozy House Design in 8.3 x 13.9 m.


Simple facade design with various charming exterior details that are beautiful. You can make the front area of the house a place to relax by placing a few chairs and tables. The roof of this house has an open gable roof design that has many benefits as well as a charming appearance. Built in a small area does not make the facade of the house boring, with the right design it will make the house look incredible. 

Living area

Entering the house there is a living area that has a simple and soft look seen from the selection of various interior designs with soft colors combined with hardwood floors. Designed in a modern way, this house with an area of 8.3 x 13.9 m makes spacious living more comfortable and attractive. This area can also be used as a family gathering place equipped with a TV.

Kitchen and dining area

Not far from the living area, there is a kitchen and dining area in this house designed with luxury and beauty. In addition, the linear kitchen set is a smart choice combined with a simple dining bar that makes activities in the kitchen feel more comfortable and beautiful. Having a large area makes the room more comfortable and gorgeous.


After a day of activities outside the home, the body deserves a good rest. This room provides comfort as well as beauty with a simple design with a variety of beautiful interior designs. Placing some windows with casement design is an excellent option if you want a picture window that opens.

Floor plan

Lets take a look at the detail of this house design, it has :

- Porch
- Living area
- Kitchen and dining area
- Bathrooms
- 3 Bedrooms
- Kitchen and dining area
- Laundry area

That's  3-Bedrooms Adorable Cozy House Design in 8.3 x 13.9 m.  Perhaps this article inspire you to build your own house. 

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Author : Devi

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Source : STUDIO 93 - House Design Ideas

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