105 Sqm Modern House Design with 4 Bedroom | 2-Story & 2 Balcony

105 Sqm Modern House Design with 4 Bedroom | 2-Story & 2 Balcony


HSDesain.com -- Modern houses are a smart choice for those of you who have dreams of a house with simple and easy maintenance, this house also has complete facilities and a comfortable resting area because it is equipped with a spacious balcony. here we see together 105 Sqm Modern House Design with 4 Bedroom | 2-Story & 2 Balcony.





The house has 2 floors and the dominance of calm colors. the front view has a tenuous iron fence on the 2nd floor there is a balcony right above the carport, the balcony is in front of a comfortable room. The calm beige color of this house looks soothing. This house is equipped with wide glass windows so that there is maximum natural lighting.



Family Area


The family area is located on the 2nd floor, this area is equipped with a comfortable sofa and reading chair with a standing lamp to illuminate your reading. On the side of the sofa is a bookshelf so it is suitable for you and your family to study or just chat together. This area also has a wide sliding glass door to connect with the spacious balcony, so that family activities are free to move outside while enjoying the outside view.


Bedroom 2


The bedroom is dominated by calm colors such as beige on the walls and aesthetic wood vinyl flooring. This area is equipped with a glass window that can be opened so that in addition to natural lighting it helps better air circulation. The style of the bed like hanging gives a spacious and neat impression and is easy to maintain.



Bedroom 3


This room has a unique and comfortable decoration and layout. the placement of the bed facing the balcony is comfortable, the wooden ambalan as an aesthetic room decoration. on the right side there is a study table shelf and equipped with doors and glass windows that can see the view towards the spacious balcony so that it makes you feel like staying in a hotel.



Floor Plan


The modern house design consisting of 2 floors has complete facilities and gives an aesthetic, instagrammable, and warm and soothing impression. The size of this house is 105 Sqm which has :

4 Bedrooms
2 toilet and bath
Living Area
Family Area
Dining Area
2 Balcony

That's the 105 Sqm Modern House Design with 4 Bedroom | 2-Story & 2 Balcony. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Philein BudgetHomes

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