Modern Small House Design (6 x 4 m) with Open Bedroom -- This house design can be built on a small area but comes with a contemporary style that will make anyone marvel even just by looking at it. Are you interested? This house is designed on a 6 x 4 meter land. For details, check out Modern Small House Design (6 x 4 m) with Open Bedroom.

House facade design

From the front view, the house has a warm look when using the wood-colored wall panel at the corner of the wall combined with the wall lamp with yellow light. The building structure has a box type which is easier to build and has a shed roof model that is suitable for this house design. Then on the side area there is an open balcony that is cool to spend time relaxing at home.

Ground floor plan

On the first floor area, the house has several cozy rooms and is organized in a way that still fits the small size of the house. There is a spacious living area, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. The first floor area is made more spacious than the second floor.

Second floor plan

On the second floor area, there is an open bedroom. This house has only 1 bedroom with a unique concept that keeps it cozy and spacious. This bedroom is also integrated with a balcony so the owner will have a pleasant facility.

Interior details

This is a view of the first floor room. The living area feels spacious with large windows and the utilization of the area under the stairs as a cabinet and television area. At the back, near the sofa, there is a dining area with a small table and a kitchen with a kitchen set arranged in a corner.

Bathroom design

This small bathroom has a predominantly white interior. The shower area is placed at the edge with a partition separating the dry and wet areas. In addition, there is also a toilet and sink so that this small room has several functions.






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Author  : Hafidza
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Kh Design

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