Modern Kerala House Design with Interior Details -- Kerala homes from the Indian subcontinent are gaining popularity and are widely admired for their majestic appearance. Although it has been around for a long time, the Kerala house has had many developments including more modern designs for a more futuristic look. For Kerala house design ideas and interiors, check out Modern Kerala House Design with Interior Details.

House facade design

For an example of a Kerala house design with a modern style, this can be an inspiration for you. The facade that is made majestic with softer colors is still beautiful with a natural touch with the color of wood and some plants. Kerala houses are also synonymous with many windows to provide good circulation so as to bring good energy to the house.

Open space area for best spend time at home

If the owner prefers to keep things private, adding a relaxing area inside or at the back of the house is a nice addition to this Kerala home. With a large size, this relaxing area can be designed with a landscape concept that has gravel with some fresh greenery. The presence of gravel will give a clean look and can absorb water better so that it does not get muddy.



Living room design

The spacious living room seems to welcome guests well and creates a homey atmosphere. This area has a sofa that is neatly arranged to follow the corner structure of the room. Wooden furniture is never forgotten in Kerala homes as it gives a touch of warmth that makes the family more intimate.

Intimate dining area

The dining area features a simple table with comfortable chairs in a formal style. Placing the furniture set in the center of the room like this will facilitate access from various areas. Then, the addition of glass doors to the back will make breakfast more fun with an endless view.

Large kitchen for cozy cooking

The kitchen is also an important part of the house. A spacious kitchen with a kitchen set that has a combination of modern colors and styles will make the owner feel calmer and more comfortable when cooking. Some air purifying plants will be a good addition to the kitchen to make it fresher and less stuffy.






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