Modern Minimalis Small House Design - 4x9 meter (2 floors) with 3 Bedrooms


Modern Minimalis Small House Design - 4x9 meter (2 floors) with 3 Bedrooms -- Hello everyone Today we present a 4x9 meter type 36 house. 2 floors with an estimated cost of building a house + building materials around 150 -165 million, with facilities :

  1. Motorport
  2. Terrace
  3.  Living room
  4.  Kitchen/Dinning room
  5. Bedroom 1
  6. Bedroom 2
  7. Bedroom 3
  8. Bathroom Service area

Small does not mean cramped because this house design maximizes every space to be useful. here is a modern minimalist small house design - 4x9 meters (2 floors) with 3 bedrooms



The appearance of the facade of this house looks simple and elegant. this minimalist size still has a motorport size of 2.35x2 meters with a touch of a small flower garden that looks cool. has a small staircase into the house with a 90.0 cm door roof. 

Living room

This living room maximizes every space with a size of 2.7x1 or 95 meters. there is a small sofa and a table that does not take up much of the space. this can also be seen loading the television rack which seems to remain beautiful.

Kitchen and Dinning Room

This kitchen has a half wall partition and is continued by the dining table. the size of this kitchen is 3.7x2 meters, cooking does not need to be tired because the distance between the tables is close.

Floor Plan Design 

Type 36 modern and minimalist house is the choice of many people. the appropriate spatial arrangement makes residents very comfortable. you are interested in having a design like this, of course, comparable to a budget of 150-165 million. will always share with you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author  :Susi Yanti

Editor  : Munawaroh

Source  : Rumah 36


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