Japandi Style Home Design 60SQM tiny House (Open Space)

Japandi Style Home Design 60SQM tiny House (Open Space)

Hsdesain.com -- hello everyone this time japandi design is still a subscription for many people, rustic style design, clean and simple. the combination creates a design that focuses on the firmness of shapes, bright colors and a clean atmosphere.here is Japandi Style Home Design in a 60SQM tiny house (Open Space)



The exterior reflects calm colors and natural wood materials, plants next to the fence make aesthetics and the selection of a simple and elegant fence model. a small garden next to the carport beautifies the house from the front filled with grass making the house look fresh.

Living Rooms

The elements in japandi design have many natural materials such as oak wood applied to windows, dining tables and other furniture. the combination of calm colors also seems very clean. this design is not far from nude, beige, cream to light gray colors. this design looks identical to the use of multifunctional furniture that is saving so that this interior style is very suitable to be applied in a residence with a minimum area.  

Loundy Room and Innercourt 


The design of the loundry room is spacious and cool because there is a large garden and grass next to it. a relaxing sitting area is the right choice for relaxing and enjoying coffee.

Plan Floor Design

This design is suitable for young millennial couples because the Japanese concept is often used in the design of coffee shops, online shops and several other millennial places. from the picture above, it has modern minimalist exterior facilities, land area (6x15), floor area (6x10m/60sqm), bedroom 2 unit, high ceiling, kitchen,living room,dining room, innercourt, laundry room and backyard.

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Author  : Susi Yanti

Editor  : Munawaroh

Source  : Vire studio

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