New Farmhouse Design Idea 3-Bedrooms + Floor Plan


 New Farmhouse Design Idea 3-Bedrooms ( 10x 11,5 Meters ) -- Farmhouse designs are still favourite by many people, medium size design ideas and warm and soothing when viewed. This house is suitable for those of you who have a large family. Even though it is small, all these rooms are used to the maximum as possible what the exterior and interior of this house looks like New Farmhouse Design Idea 3-Bedrooms (10x 11.5 Meters)




The facade of this house looks soothing and warm to the eye, dominated by soft cream colours and soft wood furniture. There is a spacious porch equipped with a large sofa and table, surrounded by plants and quiet lights. Visible on the 2nd floor is a balcony with a beautiful hanging seat. 

Living Room 



Entering the door of the house we immediately find a wide living room plus a large white sofa, 2 wooden chairs in the middle of which there is a table lamp. On the side of the wall there is a television equipped with wall panels towering upwards making the house look tall. Behind the sofa there is a wall partition that opens in the middle.

Kitchen and Dining Room



Behind this wall of the living room is the dining table area with a large glass wall that has 4 chairs and a beautiful wooden table. Behind it is a mini bar coupled with a stunning wooden kitchen set, making this room look soothing and clean.

Ground Floor Plan




After seeing the interior of this house here is the floor plan that you can have and build your dream house. On this floor there is a porch, Living area, Bedroom 1, Master bedroom, dining area, kitchen, Laundry area, Toilet and bath room and master toilet and bathroom.

Second Floor Plan



This floor is an interesting part of this beautiful farmhouse design, there is a bathroom with 2 beds then heading out the door there is a balcony decorated with plants and 2 comfortable hanging chairs to enjoy your surroundings.  
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Author   : Susi Yanti

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source  : Modern Balai


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