48 sqm Cube House Relief Without Partitions

 HSdesain.comBeing built on limited land certainly requires some tricks for a comfortable residence. Houses built in the shape of squares or cubes are certainly unique and suitable for urban areas that have small land. In this article, we will discuss the cube house that can be used as inspiration.

Simple exterior

The exterior of this house looks simple. Only in the form of white plain walls and also at some points there are windows and balconies upstairs.

Living room

The living room area on the ground floor is neatly designed. The interior which is designed without partitions gives the impression of a spacious and airy residence. Wooden floors and white walls are the right combination and provide a warm and soothing residential accent.

Surrounding interior

The interior level of this cube house is designed around this residence. Is like the bedroom area upstairs without a parapet, and only a guardrail. Actually, this is not safe for those who have active children. However, this can be tricked.

Bedroom and balcony

The level design in this bedroom is indeed efficient enough to save space in this tiny house. With each wall there is one bedroom, this certainly can accommodate 3 to 4 bedrooms. There is a balcony that has its own staircase access in this cube house.


The study or work area of this cube house is located on the ground floor along with the living room. A simple and minimalist design certainly won't take up much space. You can use the area under the stairs or empty walls as bookshelves or storage shelves.

Floor plans

The floor plan above illustrates the appearance of the house design seen from the front. Divided into 3, namely the ground floor for public areas, the second floor for privacy areas, and the third floor for rooftop areas.

While the view from above, the house plan above has explained the parts. Although tiny, the right division makes this cube house feel comfortable to live in.

That's the 48 sqm Cube House Relief Without Partitions. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

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